Class Materials

Kingdom KidsOur Children’s Ministry is for kids from six months through 5th grade. We call it Kingdom Kids. Our intent is to build great relationships with our children that they have great memories of their early years with Jesus' church. We also strive to share the Scriptures in an engaging manner to support parents in their great role of training their children in the way of the Lord (Eph 6:4).

Trial Curriculum


DIG IN curriculum has a year of Bible lessons with all classes (4yrs to 5th grade) on the same topic but adjusted as appropriate for each age level. While we are subscribed to this curriculum series, we plan to keep our standard curriculum available as an additional resource.

Standard Curriculum

The Seeds of Faith curriculum has two years of Bible lessons at each class level. From preschool through second grade, we take the children through both the Old and New Testaments with units such as: The Adventures of Moses, Creation, Young Heroes for God, Thankfulness, Sharing and Obedience. Together with a parent letter for each unit, these lessons promote a biblical faith that can be taken home and lived out.

The Generation: Next curriculum begins with the 3rd grade. Explore God's awesome creation, travel through the Red Sea, dig up evidences, cross over to the Promised Land and even peer into the empty tomb using the Bible. Generation: Next waters the seeds planted in earlier years and guides the students to apply Scripture and make godly choices in their everyday lives.

  • Class Schedule

    Classes open for kids around 9:45 a.m. Please pickup your child during the last song of the main service.

    Youth in 3-5th grade stay for part of the main worship. After communion, they meet the teachers in the hallway to walk together to the classroom. Parents, you must sign out your 3rd-5th grader at the classroom.
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  • Volunteer Team

    Supporting the parent’s ministry by reaching out to and welcoming children in Jesus’ name.

    FAITH – As we share Bible stories through creative and fun activities, children develop recognition of Jesus’ voice and sense the awe and wonder of God and His worthiness of our thanks. (Rom 10:17, 1:21)

    HOPE – Memory songs and crafts will fasten God’s word in kids’ hearts as an anchor for their soul in the world’s trials and storms. (Heb 11:23-26)

    LOVE – Foremost, we strive to enthusiastically greet early learners, reassuring and helping them feel heard and included as part of God’s family. (1 Cor 13:13)

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Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me..."  (Mark 9)